Club Conservative Meets the first Wednesday of the month* at the Harp, located at 8707 Belair Road, Perry Hall, MD 
   Meetings begin at 7pm but arrive early to order dinner, drinks and enjoy some conservative comraderie
*The club does not meet in July and August but stay tuned for specual events


About Us


Club Conservative has been active in promoting conservative principles, keeping our citizens informed and holding our government accountable since its founding in the fall of 2012.           
With meetings every month that bring our elected officials closer to our community and promote grassroots activism as well as participation in community events and fairs, our club seeks to promote conservatism by maintaining and growing the informed citizens of Baltimore County that make our republican the great and that it is.

Founding Members

Delegate John Cluster

Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Chris Defeo

President 2012

Kathleen Smero
President 2013-2014

Councilman David Marks

Senator J B Jennings

Jim Ports

Sam Kahl

Anita Schatz

Recording Secretary 2013

Current Officers

Jonah Jarosz
President 2015-Current
Kristin Kayh
Vice President
Chuck Urban
Jewel Rucker